Best Kitchen Towels America’s Test Kitchen 2022

Best Kitchen Towels America's Test Kitchen 2022

Looking for the best kitchen towels for drying dishes 2022

Best Kitchen Towels America’s Test Kitchen 2022

1. Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towel

Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels 15-Pack – 100% Natural Cotton Kitchen Dish Towels-Reusable Cleaning Cloths – Blue Dish Towels for Kitchen – Super Absorbent – Machine Washable Hand Towels – 14” x 25”

Do you know that kitchen towels can also be used to dry food and cover them as well? If you need some suggestions for the best kitchen towels for food, then I’d definitely suggest the Zeppoli Classic.

Arriving in 15-pack set, the Zeppoli kitchen towels prove to be a great bargain. Due to this, you’ll always have clean towels right at your disposal. Therefore, you’ll feel no qualms when throwing the kitchen towels into the washing machines.

Furthermore, these towels are made from highly durable material. The sustainable cotton of the towels will ensure that they can last for a long time. What’s more, the towels’ soft fibers can guarantee to keep your dinnerware free of damage.

Additionally, the Zeppoli kitchen towels are ultra-absorbent despite being surprisingly lightweight. This is all thanks to their Herringbone weave. As a result, you can expect the towels to dry at a fast pace, reducing the risk of mold and mildew buildup.

Because these kitchen towels are less prone to mold, mildew, or harmful bacterias, you can use them to dry your vegetables. What’s more, you can use these products to cover your food so that they will stay warm for a longer time.


  • The towels come in bulk, thus offering great value for money
  • Due to their Herringbone weave, the towels can dry relatively fast
  • You can use these towels to dry and cover your food


  • The stitches of the towels might not be very durable

2. Gryeer Microfiber Kitchen Towel

Gryeer 12 Pack Microfiber Kitchen Towels, Super Absorbent, Soft, and Lint Free Dish Towels, 18 x 26 Inch, Stripe Designed Green and White

Isn’t it annoying how some kitchen towels would leave behind lint on your cookware or dinnerware? What’s a better solution than to find a set of kitchen towels that is entirely free of lint such as this one from Gryeer.

Made from microfiber, the Gryeer kitchen towels are far more absorbent than the majority of its competitors. Furthermore, the microfiber material means that the towels are entirely free of lint, making them a perfect choice for cleaning.

What’s more, these kitchen towels boast such a soft texture that they will never leave behind a single scratch on your kitchenware, no matter how fragile it is. This means that you can use the products to clean your hands as well.

However, you need to keep in mind that these kitchen towels should not be exposed to high temperatures such as stoves or ovens.


  • Because the towels are made from microfiber, they are far more absorbent than cotton ones
  • The towels are so soft that they won’t scratch or damage the surface of your cookware
  • You can wash these towels in the washing machines, thus reducing the time and effort needed to clean them


  • The towels can’t be exposed to high temperatures

3. Ritz Terry Cloth Kitchen Towel

Ritz 100% Cotton Terry Kitchen Dish Towels, Highly Absorbent, 25” x 15”, 3-Pack, Cactus Green

Many times in the kitchen, you’ll find that you need to dry your hands. However, not every kitchen towel is ideal for cleaning your hands. If you’re having difficulties finding kitchen towels for your hands, this set from Rits will be the perfect solution.

Made from terry looped cotton, these kitchen towels boast a soft texture that will feel quite pleasant on your hands. Therefore, even if you have calloused hands, these kitchen towels will still be the perfect choice for you.

What’s more, these products from Ritz have impressive absorbency. As a result, you can use these towels to clean and dry your plates and dishes. With their attractive design, the Ritz kitchen towels can also be used for dinner table setup.


  • The kitchen towels have such as soft texture that they can be used to clean your hands without irritating your skin
  • Have decent absorbency, making them suitable for various tasks in the kitchens
  • Products are designed so that they can stand up to various tasks in the kitchen


  • The towels are not very durable

4. Utopia Towel Ring Spun Cotton Kitchen Towel

Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels, 15 x 25 Inches, 100% Ring Spun Cotton Super Soft and Absorbent Dish Towels, Tea Towels and Bar Towels (12 Pack, Black)

With these kitchen towels from Utopia Towels, you’ll always be able to keep your kitchen clean and tidy with ease. Arriving in a 12-pack set, these products will ensure that you always have a clean and fresh towel right at your disposal.

The Utopia kitchen towels are guaranteed to be made from 100% natural cotton. Therefore, they are completely free of harmful chemicals that might pose a threat to your skin or health.

Boasting a Dobby weave, these towels are a perfect choice for daily use. With their impressive absorbency and fast drying rate, these kitchen towels are surely an excellent choice for various tasks in the kitchen.


  • The towels can dry at a fast pace, thus reducing the risks of mold and bacteria buildup
  • Towels arrive in a 12-pack set; therefore, they offer excellent value for money
  • Due to their material and design, the towels are exceptionally durable


  • The towels might be prone to leaving behind fibers

5. All-Clad Dual Woven Kitchen Towel

All-Clad Textiles Kitchen Towel, 3-Pack, Pewter

One of the most common problems one might encounter with kitchen towels is that they will grow mold after a period of use. However, this will no longer be the case for these kitchen towels from All-clad Textiles.

To begin with, these towels are treated with a special agent that can inhibit the development of bacteria as mildew. Therefore, you can expect these towels to stay clean and fresh for a long time.

Furthermore, the All-clad kitchen towels are reversible. This means that one side of these towels is lintless woven while the other is absorbent terry loops. Therefore, you can use these towels for a wide variety of tasks.

What’s more, these kitchen towels have stitched hems for extra durability. As a result, these kitchen towels are relatively durable.


  • The products are reversible, giving you more options and versatility
  • Towels are quite durable, ensuring that you can use the products for a long time
  • Thanks to their large size, the towels can be used to clean big messes in the kitchen


  • The colors of the towels might be prone to washing off

6. Liliane Collection Classic White Tea Kitchen Towels

Liliane Collection 13 Blue Kitchen Dish Towels – 27″ x 14″ 2-ply Commercial Grade Absorbent 100% Cotton Kitchen Towels – Classic Herringbone Tea Towels

If you’re looking for some kitchen towels that can cover your freshly baked loaves of bread or dough, you’ve come to the right place. These kitchen towels from Liliane Collections are an exceptional choice for baking.

One of the best kitchen towels there are, these products are made with the highest standards. Thanks to this, they have all the qualities that make an exceptional kitchen towel. For instance, these towels are entirely free of lint and safe with bleach.

Furthermore, the Liliane Collection kitchen towels can dry at a surprisingly fast pace. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about mold, mildew, or bacterial buildup. You can rest assured that your towels will always stay fresh and clean.


  • These towels will not leave behind annoying lint or fiber
  • These kitchen towels are soft enough that they will not leave behind scratches or damage on your cookware
  • You can use bleach on these towels to ensure that they stay clean


  • The towels are a bit on the thin side

7. DII Ribbed Terry Kitchen Towel

DII Basic Ribbed Terry Kitchen Basics Collection, Green, Dish Towels, 6 Piece

Another excellent choice that you should definitely consider, these kitchen towels from DII are made from woven cotton for maximum absorbency. Therefore, they can be used for various purposes, such as cleaning, drying, or wiping your kitchen.

Designed to be lightweight, these kitchen towels are more absorbent than they look. Furthermore, they are made in a generous size, thus making it easier for you to clean large utensils.

What’s more, the DII kitchen towels are made from pre-shrunk cotton. This means that you won’t have to worry about accidentally shrinking your kitchen towels anymore.


  • The towels have a soft texture that will not damage your kitchenware
  • These towels are highly versatile
  • The towels are quite durable to last a long time


  • These towels can produce quite a lot of lint

What Is A Kitchen Towel?

As is suggested in the name, kitchen towels are towels that are made to be used in the kitchen. Unlike bath towels, kitchen towels are considerably more durable so that they can withstand repeated use.

Kitchen towels are usually made of cotton. Thanks to this, they’re considerably absorbent but still strong enough to be used for various purposes in the kitchen.

Generally speaking, kitchen towels are quite thick. You can also expect them to be hemmed on each end for more reinforcement.

What Is A Kitchen Towel Used For?

Even though kitchen towels might seem unassuming at first glance, they’re one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen. Here are things that you can do with a kitchen towel.

Drying And Cleaning Dishes

This is arguably one of the most common uses for kitchen towels. Because kitchen towels have such impressive absorbency and water retention, they can be used to clean and dry your dishes.

Drying Hands

It’s not very sanitary to dry your hands by wiping them onto your shirt or pants. When you’re in the kitchen, it’s always better to have a clean kitchen towel you can clean your hands with. It’s considerably more convenient and sanitary, right?


Accidents in the kitchen are almost inevitable. Whether you’re in a rush or whether you’re simply not paying attention, there will come a time when you accidentally spill ingredients all over the place.

This is where kitchen towels come in. With a thick and absorbent kitchen towel, you’ll be able to clean even big spills within a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, you can also use kitchen towels to quickly clean your counter or cutting boards so that you can prepare the next ingredients.

Dry Herbs And Vegetable

It’s not always the case that you have a salad spinner within reach. Of course, waiting for the vegetable and herb to air dry is definitely not an option. What would you do in this scenario?

Quite simply, all you need to do is get a clean kitchen towel, place all your greens inside the towel and gently roll it up. Twist the cloth to remove all the excess moisture from the greens.

If your vegetables and herbs are too delicate to use this method. You can simply dab the towel on the greens to dry them.

How Many Types Of Kitchen Towels Are There?

As surprising as it may sound, there is actually more than one type of kitchen towel. I’ll list out the most popular types of kitchen towels and their key characteristics.

Dish Towels

As you probably have guessed, dish towels are used to clean and dry off dishes. Dish towels will come in really handy when you’re hand washing your dishes or when you need to speed up the drying.

Dish towels are designed to as absorbent as possible. They’re good for around two drying sessions before they need washing again. After that, the cleaning towels can get your dishes dirty again.

Chef Towels

As is suggested in the name, chef tower is the most versatile type of towel for a chef, especially in a professional environment. Because the kitchen is usually a busy place, a chef tower should be strong enough to handle heavy-duty usage.

Usually, chef towels can be used for several purposes such as cleaning off knives, clearing off cutting boards, touching up plates, or cleaning up spills.

Tea Towels

Like dish towels, tea towels can be used to clean and dry dishes as cutleries. However, they can also be used to serve baked goods such as muffins or scones. Tea towels can also be used as a decoration to tea or breakfast setup.

Out of the three types of kitchen towels, tea towels are least absorbent. They usually contain linen and are considerably thinner than the other two.

Kitchen Towel Vs. Paper Towel

Perhaps you’re having difficulties deciding whether you should buy a kitchen towel or paper towel. If that is the case, then I’ll point out some of the main differences between these two so that you’ll have an easier time making a decision.

First, a paper towel can be used one time only. Therefore, in the long run, paper towels can cost you a lot more money. Moreover, paper towels are generally less environmentally friendly than kitchen towels.

Furthermore, paper towels are not suitable for cleaning up big spills like kitchen towels. If you use paper towels to dry overly wet kitchenware, the chances are that you will leave behind unappealing papery flakes all over your kitchenware.

However, since paper towels are for one-time use only, they’re less prone to bacterial and mold buildup. Therefore, if you don’t wash kitchen towels regularly, paper towels will prove to be a more sanitary option.

To conclude, kitchen towels are more cost-effective in the long run. Furthermore, they are suitable for more tasks than paper towels. The only thing that you need to pay attention to when using kitchen towels is to wash them regularly.

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