Best Kona Coffee On The Market 2022

If you want to find truly whole bean Kona coffee, Imagine, and KonaRed are the best options. Both contain 100% pure Kona coffee that is selected carefully and have additional aroma and flavor to bring you an unforgettable experience.

Besides, the Kona blend is not a bad choice since it has an affordable price and still retains the Kona flavor. You can consider Hawaiian and Solimo to enjoy every sip of Kona coffee blended with other Arabica coffees.

I have highlighted some significant features of the top 7 best Kona coffee. I hope this list can provide you a useful tool to opt for the best Kona coffee.

Best Kona Coffee On The Market 2022

1. Hawaiian Isles Medium Roast Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co. Kona Classic Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 10 ounce bag

In America and Europe, people believe that the French press is the best way to enjoy a comprehensive coffee taste. Basically, the best coffee also contributes to upgrading the flavor, and the product I recommend you should try is Hawaiian Isles Medium Roast Kona Coffee.

This coffee is a blend of 10% Kona coffee with fine Arabica coffee from around the world the brings you a flavorful taste. Besides, you cannot miss the delicate combination of rich vanilla and macadamia nuts that will make you indescribably satisfying.

Moreover, this product is freshly roasted and packaged in Hawaiian and locked by the “flavor valve” to prevent air from penetrating and keep its freshness. It is also protected from oxygen and moisture; therefore, the coffee bags you receive are always of premium quality.


  • Provide you a lovely flavor
  • Your coffee is always fresh with specially-designed bags.
  • You are able to enjoy the taste of Hawaii from anywhere.


  • The grinds are not so smooth.

2. Royal Medium Roast Decaf 100% Kona Coffee

Royal Kona 100% Kona Coffee, Decaf, Medium Roast, Ground, 7 Ounce

Many people are addicted to coffee, but they still worry about caffeine in coffee; thus, decaf coffee is ideal. The decaf coffee I recommend is Royal Medium Roast Decaf 100% Kona Coffee.

This coffee is a premium coffee grown and taken care of carefully in the Kona region on Hawaii’s Big Island, where is one of the most well-known places for cultivating Kona. For its delicious taste, the coffee is carefully cared and harvested properly.

Each Kona coffee beans are selected and roasted by the roastmasters to manufacture the gourmet cup of coffee. With ground Kona coffee, you will always taste the excellent coffee with a full-bodied and smooth flavor.

The product is packed after roasting to ensure it remains fresh and delicious. Each package of Royal Kona coffee gives you great cups of coffee with an authentic and delightful flavor.


  • Excellent coffee
  • These beans are freshly roasted.
  • Entirely no-acidic


  • I wish it could come in a larger size

3. Mulvadi Ground 100% Kona Coffee

Mulvadi, Coffee Ground 100 Kona, 7 Ounce

If you are wonder which grinds coffee you should buy, this Mulvadi Ground 100% Kona Coffee is one of the most viable options.

This coffee is smooth ground to bring you a medium-roasted flavor profile with light floral notes to create an excellent cup of coffee. It is also suitable for you to enjoy day or night.

The beans are grown and smoothly roasted for a fresh taste; therefore, you will taste a delicious flavor and wonderful aroma that I am sure you will be indeed satisfied with.

These high-quality beans are roasted by experts to keep their freshness and subtle nuances to help you distinguish this product from other ground coffees. It is applied sustainable and eco-friendly practices to each packaging step to protect the environment.


  • Has a bright aroma of light floral notes
  • There is no hint of bitterness.
  • The delivery is always on time


  • It looks like darker than medium roast

4. Helios 100% Extra Fancy Kona Coffee

100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee, Extra Fancy – Whole Bean – 1lb.

If you are coffee lovers, you certainly cannot miss this Helio 100% Extra Fancy Kona Coffee. With this product, you can enjoy both hot or iced drinks. It is 100% authentic coffee that is derived from Hawaiian, where is famous for growing coffee.

It is carefully prepared for creating quality products; therefore, these beans are picked by hands and roasted by fire. It is no surprise why this coffee always keeps the freshness, making you feel the right coffee taste. This coffee is the best choice for coffee lovers.

Moreover, it has a premium one-way degassing valve bag that prevents coffee from spoiling and for longer shelf life. It is rated Extra fancy; thus, you don’t need to worry about this product’s premium quality.


  • The taste is smooth
  • This product is great value for its price.
  • You can freely enjoy it without the side effects of high caffeine.


  • It is a little bit bitter aftertaste.

5. Don Francisco’s Medium Roast Kona Coffee

Don Francisco’s Kona Blend, Medium Roast, Whole Bean Coffee, 100% Arabica – 28 Ounce Bag

Medium roast is the most popular level that is used to roast coffee. Nonetheless, each brand will provide you different flavors though it is roasted at the same level. With the desire to help you determine the best medium-roast Kona coffee, I am really excited to introduce you to this.

Don Francisco’s Medium Roast Kona Coffee.

Whether you are at anywhere, you can also enjoy the taste of the Hawaiian Islands since this product blend 10% Kona coffee with premium Arabica to bring you an excellent cup of Kona coffee with subtle fruity notes and an impressed floral aroma.

Moreover, you can absolutely believe in this product’s quality since it is produced by over 140 experienced years. When you buy it, which means you are protecting the environment as all steps are implemented at zero-waste-to-landfill Roastery.


  • Eco-friendly
  • These beans are a uniform size and lack of defects.
  • Can prepare for hot and cold beverages


  • It has a sour aftertaste.

6. Lave Lei Light Blend Kona Coffee

Lava Lei Kona Coffee Whole Bean – Hawaiian Medium Blend, Gourmet, Estate Grown, Private Reserve, Hawaiian Made, Premium, Fresh Farm, Great Hawaii Flavor, Flavorful Aroma

When we try our seeds at the light roast level, we will see the flavors of fruits and beans, sweet and very little bitter. I have a product with a light roast for you, that is Lava Lei Light Blend Kona Coffee.

This coffee is picked by hands and blend authentic Kona coffee with the ideal amount of sweetness, and the excellent combination of selected coffee beans will bring you the appeal in each cup of coffee. It is a light, delicious drink and has a mild aroma for your satisfaction.

Besides, all-natural factors such as sunny mornings, nutrient volcanic soil, and cloudy afternoons will create this coffee a wonderful flavor and enticing aroma with an exclusive body.

The product is packed after roasting to ensure it remains fresh. The coffee packets are vacuumed so that the coffee is not damaged. You can experience a delicious taste in every cup of coffee.


  • Amazing rich flavor
  • This coffee is tasty, smooth, and well roasted.
  • Doesn’t contain acidity


  • Its taste seems to be lighter than medium roast

7. Blue Horse Whole Beans Dark Roast Kona Coffee

Farm-fresh: 100% Kona Coffee – Dark Roast – Arabica Whole Beans – 1 Lb or 16 oz Bag – Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee from Hawaii

Dark roast is sometimes considered the highest peak of coffee. Almost people want to enjoy dark-roast coffee who like tasting a little bitter aftertaste. This Blue Horse Whole Beans Dark Roast Kona Coffee is an ideal gift for those who are finding a similar coffee.

This coffee is grown in the shade, hand-picked, and sun-dried. To have a cup of fresh and delicious coffee, manufacturers have to go through many manual stages. Therefore, the coffee retains its delicious taste and is very fragrant.

To bring you the sustainable quality of coffee beans, this coffee is cultivated without using herbicide and pesticides; instead of that, it just grows according to the natural way. The freshly roasted that is carried out after harvesting by the family farm will bring you coffee with a rustic flavor.


  • Carefully packaged
  • Has a wonderful aroma
  • The taste is unforgettable.


  • It takes you a little time to have full flavor comes out.

What Is Kona Coffee?

Let’s check some necessary information about Kona coffee. In fact, Kona coffee is known as Arabica coffee that is cultivated, harvested, and processed in the Kona region.

This region includes the hills of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the Southern and Northern Kona districts of the large island of Hawaii. This coffee is named after the region in which they cultivated.

How Many Type Of Kona Coffee?

Pure Kona coffee: this type will contain 100% real Kona coffee that is grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. You can taste an aromatic and delicate flavor of Kona coffee that other coffees cannot bring to you.

This pure coffee accounts for almost half of the total coffee cultivated in Hawaii, which means its supply is limited while customers’ demand is too much. Therefore, it has a high price, and just some rich people can enjoy it.

Blend Kona coffee: It is an alternative option for those who want to taste Kona coffee with a limited budget. Typically, this type is the combination of at least 10% Kona coffee with other Arabica coffees. You still taste a little aroma and flavor of Kona coffee with this kind, but of course, it cannot make you pleased like tasting pure Kona coffee.

What Does Kona Coffee Taste Like?

Are you curious about Kona coffee taste? Why is it extremely famous? The taste of Kona coffee replies on the roast levels, including 3 levels: light, medium, and dark roast. Like other kinds of coffee, the sweet aroma is the first thing you will notice when preparing for a cup of coffee.

Enjoying the first sip of Kona coffee, you will be impressed at the flavorful and rich taste. Besides, you will love the bitterness aftertaste of nuts and citrus. This coffee is also gentle for your stomach since it has reduced acidity.

When enjoying this coffee, you will feel calm and recover your energy. Moreover, the Kona beans from various farms will have a wide range of tastes. Some beans have a distinct vanilla aroma, while others have a more berry-like aroma. However, you will have a rich and sweet cup of coffee with all Kona beans.

What Makes Kona Coffee Special?

Kona coffee is exceptional since it is grown in some limited regions. The combination of rain, sun, and high-quality soil will produce an excellent taste of the coffee. The mineral-rich volcanic soil on Mauna Loa and Hualalai’s slopes, less irrigation, and drained slopes are ideal factors for growing coffee.

The perfect climate on this island is light wind, warm sunny days, humid, wet afternoons, and harmonized temperatures at night that will help Kona become special. Furthermore, these perfect factors combine with strict quality controls and hand cultivation that result in the most famous coffee in the world.

In fact, Kona coffee is so expensive compared to other coffees. The previous section explained why it is. This coffee is grown in limited regions, which means the limited supply while there is a high demand for this coffee for the harvest each year.

Besides, to produce high-quality coffee, the farmers are obligatory to pick by hand; hence, labor costs are relatively high.

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